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Beautiful New Concept Art Unveiled for World’s First ‘Frozen’-Themed Land

Worked closely with art director Scott Shaffer to design the environment and scenes together. Create color renderings and elevation drawing from references gathering, sketches, to the final paint over 3D model. 

Disney Harmony in Color Parade

Have worked on the floats' early concept art shown in the poster here. Disney Harmony in Color is a daytime parade that premiered on April 16, 2023 at Tokyo Disneyland as part of the park's 40th anniversary celebration, replacing the Dreaming Up! Parade that ran from 2018 to 2023.

Harmony in Color floats concept art by Gina Chang
Disney Harmony in Color parade concept art by Gina Chang

Have worked on the marketing concept art for its D23 event announcement

Disney Paris TOGHTER
GinaChangArt - Disneyland Paris TOGETHER

Disneyland Nighttime Spectaculars & New Finale Coming to the ‘Main Street Electrical Parade’

Have worked on the Small World dolls design for the parade also created all the published marketing art.

Disneyland Nighttime Spectaculars Electrical Parade concept art, concept art by Gina Chang

Magic Happens! Parade announced in Disney D23!!

Art have been shown in Disney D23 and its magazine. The Frozen rendering has been used for current park's map guide as well.

D23 Magic Happens! Parade concept art by Gina Chang